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Lancaster Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

Justice And Compensation

It is always difficult when someone’s negligence causes serious accidents, but it is tragic when the cause of the accident is someone else’s irresponsible drunk driving. If you have been hurt or someone you love has been killed by a drunk driver, you deserve justice for this tragedy and compensation for your injuries and losses.

At The Personal Injury Law Group, LLC, we understand the tragedy of DUI accidents, and we fight aggressively for justice and compensation for our injured clients and their families. Our Lancaster drunk driving accident attorneys have decades of experience and a shared commitment to providing exceptional representation to our clients.

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Dram Shop Liability

Most drunk driver accidents involve someone who was over-served in a bar or restaurant. Bars, taverns, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol must make every effort to ensure that they are not over-serving patrons to the point of visible intoxication. When they do not take these precautions, store owners are liable for the damages that result.

The Personal Injury Law Group confers with expert investigative resources such as pharmacologists and toxicologists to get to the facts of your drunk driver accident, and the possibility that over-serving was a factor. We will bring these facts to the insurance companies to negotiate a damage award settlement for you. If discussions are not productive, we are fully prepared to take your case to court and fight for your rights in litigation.

Drunk Driver Liability

Even in cases where the drunk driver is solely responsible for being intoxicated at the time of the accident, we will pursue the liable party and his or her insurance company to obtain for you the best compensation award possible.

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We handle our personal injury claims on contingency fee. This means that we do not charge attorney fees unless we win your case in trial or reach a favorable settlement for you.

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