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Transportation Accidents

Pennsylvania Plane Accident Lawyers

Transportation accidents are varied and avoidable, can have a lasting impact on your life — and can cause your loved one’s death.

You may have been the victim of negligence in the air, for instance, due to pilot error, inadequate maintenance, failure to inspect the airplane, improper repairs or an FAA violation. Your child may have been in a school bus when it collided with another vehicle. A close relative may have been riding in a train when it derailed, or a subway car that crashed due to conductor distraction.

If any transportation accident — bus, airplane, mass transit or passenger train injury — has interrupted your life, drained your finances and sidelined you from your job, the law firm that can help in southeastern Pennsylvania is The Personal Injury Law Group, LLC, in Lancaster.

When modes of public transportation are unsafely operated and people are injured, justice must be served. We bring the facts of your accident to the attention of insurers, and to court if necessary for aggressive litigation in your best interests.

Our experienced attorneys investigate, negotiate and try personal injury cases with equal proficiency. We keep you “in the loop” from start to finish of your claim and stay available to any sudden questions or concerns you might have. And the contingent fee basis for our work means that you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

Call our law offices right now, toll free, for an initial consultation and free case evaluation. Call 888-933-4448. Your e-mail or overnight message will be responded to promptly. An evening appointment and home or hospital visit are available on request.

The Public Injury Law Group, LLC — Generations of Legal Excellence

Our skilled personal injury lawyers urge you to contact us if you suffered serious or catastrophic injuries, or a loved one sustained fatal injuries, in a:

  • City, county or school bus accident
  • Train accident
  • Airplane crash
  • Airport shuttle accident
  • Trolley accident
  • Taxi accident
  • Ferry accident
  • Subway accident

At The Personal Injury Law Group, we are all too aware that catastrophic injuries suffered in transportation accidents can lead to immediate and long-term costs. Our experienced accident injury lawyers are skillful in pursuing alternate sources for your financial compensation when the damage limits for a public transportation agency are insufficient to cover your losses.

Our deep belief in the law, in ourselves and in justice for you will be evident from the moment you first meet with us. Come to The Personal Injury Law Group, LLC.